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I have mostly lived in Brooklyn, New York; however, I was born in the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico... And it was there, as a child, that from my window I would look out to the Caribbean sea, where I would spend hours contemplating as I looked out at the sea and sky to the horizon with its pastel colors and wonderful light. I lived by the shore facing the sea, and most of my family resided in the hills of the country side, "el campo", so green and diverse, with red clay unmarked rodes. The green hills of "Rincón" that role down to the sea, forming a union of country hills and sandy beaches. That, was my observable world till I was eight years old when my parents decided we all would get on a plane and fly to New York, "Nueva York"; Iwas the third of five siblings, although at that time only four. 


Developing my interest in art as a young man, I chose to go to the High School of Art and Design. Upon graduation, I was called to serve in the US Navy, where, among many things, I got the chance to travel extensively:{The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and throughout Europe. Upon completion of military service I then chose to study at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus, from where I received my BA degree Cum Laude, and worked as a teacher two years. I came back to New York and worked as a NYC High School teacher... And here, my preasent home town, NYC, is where I came upon The Art Students League. I first took oil painting with the renowned portrait painter Ron Sherr. A few years after I won the González/Edwards travel award scholarship which took me to Europe, where I resided mainly in Madrid Spain. I have studied pastel, drawing and anatomy primarily with Ephraim Rubenstein, and have taken additional classes with Harvey Dinnerstein, Costa Vavagiakis, Ellen Eagle. All wonderful Artists who teach at the ASL. 

My work has been seen throughout Brooklyn, and in Manhattan where I had a solo show at the Jadite Gallery. In 2004 I was commissioned by the Brooklyn Borough President's office, Marty Markowitz, to paint the portrait of the first female judge to the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, - The Honorable Beatrice Judge. (Her last name is "Judge") The portrait hangs in the Ceremonial Court Room of Brooklyn Borough Hall. 

I have been inspired throughout by the classic masters: Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Goya, Corot, Sargent, and Joaquín Sorolla, to name only a few. The accomplishments of the classic masters, (as well as my instuctors at the ASL) are and have been my inspiration and guide. 




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